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Crikey! The Australia Zoo

After exploring an outdoor market, I went to the Australia Zoo – home of Steve Irwin. The crocodile hunter’s reputation still lives on. I watched a crocodile lunge out of the water to eat some prey in a zookeeper’s hand. The beast was enormous and only inches from the man holding the bird.

Fellow Pet-Sitters

I met up with a couple who were house and pet sitting too. They were from London and had completed several sits in the U.K. and Australia. We went on a hike together, and enjoyed the beach town of Noosa.

Swimming with Humpback Whales

On the way to Fraser Island, we came across around 20 humpback whales. They were massive and graceful! When four males surrounded our boat, I had the opportunity to jump into the water and use my snorkel to swim with them. The whales were so close, I could almost touch them!

Traveling is Work

People don’t always realize that traveling is work – and that work was starting to catch up to me. It’s constant research, doing, seeing, experiencing, driving, and in my case, writing. It’s why I’ve gotten so behind in my blog. At least I was able to go on a tour of a rum distillery and met some fellow travelers who also house and pet-sit!

The Sailboat is on Fire!

On a sailing tour of the Whitsunday islands, our engine suddenly caught fire! The captain shouted for the fire extinguisher as massive black clouds of smoke filled the sky.

Living the High Life on Land and Underwater

I enjoyed the fancy resort at Airlie Beach and the infinity pool. Then I took a large boat from Airlie Beach to The Great Barrier Reef for some more diving. Airlie Beach is incredible and so is the reef! The underwater current was powerful though and swept me away!

Road Tripping on Australia’s East Coast

I drove from Cairns to Airlie Beach, stopping at a sugar museum, Cardwell, Townsville (stayed the night) and then on to Airlie Beach. The scenery was beautiful and I instantly wanted to stay in Airlie Beach for a long time! I found a steal at an incredible resort.

Crocodiles and Box Jellyfish

I explored the northern area around Cairns and couldn’t help but notice all of the warning signs about crocodiles and box jellyfish. It didn’t help that I had a nightmare about a crocodile eating a man. I also went for a hike in the rainforest at Mossman Gorge. Then, I drove to Cape Tribulation.

Snorkeling and Diving at The Great Barrier Reef

I was a new diver and recently certified. It was my first time at The Great Barrier Reef. I had a wonderful guide and it was a clear day! I got to see many brightly colored fish and coral!

Hiking and Swimming in the Tropics

I went on a day-tour that took us on several hikes in the Tablelands near Cairns. The waterfalls and scenery were amazing! We swam, hiked, and saw the largest tree that I’ve ever seen!


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