…back to Los Angeles

Posts include days 101-129 in reverse chronological order. Click to read each short story.

Pacific Coast Highway

I stopped at Morro Bay and checked out Hearst Castle. The drive along the coast was breathtaking, like something out of a post card.

Cat on a Plane

I took my cat on an airplane from LA to Missouri. She was able to stay in her carrier under the seat in front of me. Overall, she did really well.

Life Back in Los Angeles

I was back in LA after traveling for four months. I caught up with friends, doctor appointments, and adjusted to my new normal.

A Typical Los Angeles Adventure

I returned to Los Angeles and stayed at the house of a rock star – Ryan Shuck. Then I went to a party on a boat and ended at a mansion.

Feeling Strange

I was returning back to Los Angeles after traveling for four months. It felt strange because I no longer had a house to return to. My life was different now. I was a single woman with no home now.

Back to the U.S.

I found out that my doctor passed away, which was very upsetting. I went for a hike to reflect. The next day, I took the ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles and returned to the U.S.

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