After working in corporate America for 15 years, I quit my job, sold my house in Los Angeles, and packed up my Subaru Outback and hit the road. I started my travels in the Pacific Northwest and then went on to Canada/Alaska. A few other stops after that might include: New Zealand, Eastern Europe, and Thailand. Follow along to see pictures/videos, and hear stories of people and places along the way.

You can follow if you’re a WordPress user, or you can follow along by using your email address. If you’re a new reader, I recommend that you start from the beginning so you can see the sequence of events.

You can also follow my videos on Vimeo (Christy Teglo) and on Instagram as Teglogoes.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or just to say “hi”!


Editors: Mandy Strider, Misty Kosek, and Trisha Harmon

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