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Posts include days 258-283 in reverse chronological order. Also includes 1 day in Singapore. Click to read each short story.

24 Hours in Singapore

Singapore is a fantastic city to have a long layover. It’s beautiful and super clean. It was one of my favorite cities to explore. Beware of the high prices, though.

Travel Tips to Thailand and Vietnam

Tips on first-time travel to Thailand and Vietnam including, transportation, communication, cell phone, and how to handle money.

My Last Day in Vietnam and An Urgent Note to Tourists

Tourists could try to fit, lower themselves into the hole, and then put a wooden cover on top of them that had leaves and dirt on it to blend in. It was sobering to see tunnels that people lived in during the war, and trap that killed Americans like they were animals.

Stomach and Post Office Problems

I explored Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and needed to ship some items back to the U.S. I just missed the cutoff time and begged to be let in. I also explored a war museum, but my stomach was really hurting.

Stabbed by a Sea Urchin

Concerned, I said, “But I have four of them stuck in my leg. What do I do?” The man said, “You can’t pull them out. Even if you tried, they would disintegrate into your blood. It falls apart like charcoal. It will absorb into your bloodstream and then it will take a few months for your blood to get rid of it. I’m more concerned about your other leg because that coral really scratched it up.”

Island Relaxation

It felt wonderful to sit there and enjoy the sun, the breeze, and the ocean. I went into the water once but kept a strict eye on my bag. The resort was upscale and a nice spot to rest.

Friends When You Need Them

I went on a tour to My Son Sanctuary. Some of the ruins had standing buildings that we could enter, but most were rubble. We walked from site to site among stones strewn around the grass. I was alone in the most romantic city and thankfully, I had the chance to meet up with fellow travelers that I had met recently.

Alone in the Most Romantic City

Spending time in one of the world’s most romantic cities was beautiful, but something was missing. I walked around feeling lonely. I wanted to be there with a partner. I wanted to hold hands with someone as we strolled along the river.

Catching up with Old/New Friends in Da Nang

As a solo traveler, I enjoy making new friends. In Vietnam, I had the chance to meet up with some new friends a few times. Their stories are very interesting.

International Politics at a Vietnamese Amusement Park

I explore Ba Na Hills in DaNang, Vietnam, with a tour. The bridge was awesome to see, but the theme park was very touristy. I met some fellow travelers and learned a bit about them.

Abandoned Amusement Park

There is a hidden abandoned amusement park in Hue, Vietnam. It was like walking through The Walking Dead, where life suddenly stopped. Now, the vegetation took over and graffiti artists did their work.

Exploring Hue, Vietnam

I drove a motorbike around Hue, Vietnam to see temples, buildings, and museums. There was a lot to see in the city and nearby areas. My motorbike died on me while driving it and I had to walk it back to my Airbnb.

Train Ride to Hue, Vietnam

I was on a twelve hour train ride in Vietnam, which gave me plenty of time to reflect on my travels and to reflect on my life. I was reminded of a train ride with my ex-husband.

American Giant

As a woman who is 6’1″ exploring Vietnam, I stood out. I am much taller than the average woman there & people were always taking my picture. I decided to roll with it and enjoy being a celebrity.

Travel Woes

I took the VIP overnight bus from Ha Giang to Ninh Binh. I had to pee so bad, but the bus wasn’t stopping. I begged the driver to stop. It was dark outside, on a mountain, and raining. But I stepped off the bus to pee in the middle of the road.

Driving a Motorbike in the Rain

Spending a month in Vietnam, this tour was the highlight. I drove a motorbike for four days with local guides and saw the real Vietnam. I also got a painful massage that I wouldn’t soon forget.

The Chinese Border

This was one of the highlights of my full-time travels – the Ha Giang Loop by motorbike. It’s beautiful and was a blast! I couldn’t have asked for better travel companions and tour guides. We had so much fun together – despite some sad sights.

Being Silly

Sometimes you get a wonderful group when you sign up for a group tour. My group in Vietnam was awesome and we had a blast being silly!

Driving a Motorbike Through the Vietnamese Mountains

I drove a motorbike through the mountains of northern Vietnam with a small, local group. It was a blast! We stayed locally in homestays in small villages.

The Worst Bus Ride of My Life

I took the sleeper bus six hours from Hanoi to Ha Giang. It’s designed for very small people. Being 6’1″, I didn’t fit & was in a lot of pain. Then I was crowded by extra passengers sitting on the floor, smashing me in.

Learning About Vietnam

I went on a tour to HaLong Bay from Hanoi. The tour guide told us about problems they have with surrounding countries; drugs, gambling, and human trafficking.

Vietnamese Prison

I visited a Vietnamese prison. I thought they did a good job of explaining that people on both sides of the war suffered. I was also able to catch up with a friend from home.

Food Tour and Exploring Hanoi

I went on a food tour in Hanoi, where we walked to street vendors and small restaurants. The food was delicious! I strolled around the city, like the train station street.

Arriving in Vietnam

I flew from Thailand to Hanoi, Vietnam, for the first time. I was staying in old town and the streets were narrow and old. The weather was overcast and cooler than in Thailand.

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