Prefer audio stories instead of reading? I’m thrilled to have been interviewed or co-host to several podcasts. Click on the box for the podcast you’re interested in and you’ll find the website links, Spotify, Apple, and Google links. 


Latest Podcasts:

Where Next? Travel Podcast

In this episode of Where Next? Travel Podcast, I talked with Kirsten and Carol about my time in Argentina. If going to Argentina, you need to know about the inflation and how it impacts your travel experience in the country. Take a listen!

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Oh My! Travel Podcast

I spoke with Jeanine and Martha from the Oh My! Travel Podcast about my book, Weathered. In the discussion, I provided some tips for people who are new to hiking and aren’t sure where to start. Take a listen!

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Speaking Of Travel Podcast

Marilyn Ball, the host of Speaking of Travel, invited me to her radio show and podcast to discuss my long-term travels and my recent arrival to Argentina. I arrived in Argentina a few days before speaking with Marilyn, so I talked about what it was like flying abroad for the first time since March 2020 in a “post covid” world.

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Hiking Thru Life Podcast

I am thrilled to have been a guest on the podcast, Hiking Thru Life. Sarah and her husband, Andy, have a great podcast and website dedicated to hiking and the outdoors. Born and raised in Minnesota, this couple provides a lot of resources and inspiration for their readers and listeners. The website describes their mission as, “Hiking Thru Life aims to inspire people from all walks of life to live a more meaningful life.”

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