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Weathered: Finding Strength on the John Muir Trail

“You’re hiking how far solo?” “How are you going to hike the entire John Muir Trail when you’ve never even been backpacking before?”

These were the two most common questions that accompanied baffled looks from Christy’s corporate coworkers when she mentioned her plans. Legitimate questions Christy had pondered herself. Yet, she couldn’t fully express the pull to hike more than 220 miles in the California High Sierra Mountains. She only knew that her whole being told her that she needed to. After six months of research, reading books, watching documentaries, and training hikes, Christy began walking southbound on the world-famous trail.

Throughout her wild journey, Christy encountered freezing temperatures, pelting hail storms, and losing her way, but found trail family, incredible views, and experiences that would change her life forever. Hiking up and over ten different mountain passes gave Christy a lot of time to think about why her nine-year marriage was falling apart, gave her the chance to truly embody her individualism, time to make new friends, and the strength she would need on and off the trail. Her life could never again be the same.

This is one woman’s account of the three weeks she spent on the iconic trail.

From Readers Favorite: “... a compelling non-fiction adventure story of finding strength in the face of adversity and learning how to believe in yourself.”

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Romuald Dzemo
– From Reader's Favorite
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The memoir is gripping and expertly written. The author shares her emotions vividly, infusing the writing with powerful and compelling descriptions, evoking imagery that will captivate the imagination of readers
Rabia Tanveer
– From Reader's Favorite
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....This is the kind of story that I would be proud of sharing with future generations and, frankly, so would any woman who surmounted anything close to this. I loved how each chapter was dedicated to each day in Christy’s life after the author gave a brief introduction to John Muir Trail. The narrative truly depicts how hard the trail was and how it was a trial for her resilience and mental strength. This book would be the perfect guide for people who want to go on the JMT and get an inside look at how tough it could be.
Tammy Ruggles
– From Reader's Favorite
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....Teglo delivers an intriguing study on inner and outer strength. I like the honest way she explains her thought processes leading up to the hike and admitting that she had no clue how challenging it would be. She tells us what happened on each day on the trail, a chapter at a time, each chapter more engrossing and nail-biting than the last. The author explains in precise detail the life-threatening conditions she had to endure and survive when things became a matter of life and death. I was surprised by the meticulous way she approached the trip, yet the preparation still seemed lacking, and she did come to realize this but still found resourceful ways to survive.....

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