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Posts include days 76-100 in reverse chronological order. Click to read each short story.

Days 99-100: Victoria, British Columbia

I went on a bike tour in Victoria, which was a great way to explore the city and learn some history. I also did a walking ghost tour.

Day 98: Thoughts Driving on Vancouver Island

It isn’t easy to decide where to go when you can go anywhere. There’s immense pressure not to make the wrong decision. I also realized that traveling long term meant that I might not be able to date. If I traveled for two years, that meant no dating for two years.

Day 96-97: Whales in Tofino, Vancouver Island

I drove across Vancouver Island to Tofino. I went on two short hikes and then went on a whale watching tour. We even had a baby whale circling our boat.

Day 95: Train Wreck and Suspension Bridge

The train wreck trail is a unique experience with damaged train cars with spray paint all over them. It’s fun to explore. I also checked out the suspension bridge in Vancouver, which had tree houses and bridges to explore too.

Days 93-94: Ziplining Away

I zip-lined through the trees on Whistler mountain. The lines were long and fast! It was great weather, but they even do it in the winter. It was a great way to end my time in Whistler.

Day 92: Peak to Peak Gondola

I took the Peak to Peak gondola up to the top of the mountain and then across on the world’s longest continuous lift. The views were awesome. Then I met up with the musician that I met earlier on Tinder.

Day 91: E-Bike Vs. Pedestrian and a Musician

I was on a e-bike tour when a woman froze right in front of me. I slammed on the breaks & just barely hit her as she grabbed the handle bars. I met a musician from Tinder and had a nice time meeting up with him.

Day 90: Arriving to Whistler, British Columbia

My muscles were still so tight that I could barely move. I went to the Scandinave spa, which had tons of hot tubs nestled in the mountains!

Days 88-89: Navigating Health Issues on the Road

My muscles were spasming so I drove to Washington to see a chiropractor. The next day it was worse, so I drove back to Washington to go to Urgent Care. I could barley move and didn’t sleep most of the night due to the pain.

Days 85-87: Loneliness in the Burbs

Sometimes the feeling of boredom is so powerful, I feel like I’ll lose my mind. If my mind is not stimulated in some way, it feels like torture.

Days 83-84: Dating the Wrong Guy in Abbotsford

I met up with a guy who I had been talking to on Tinder for a while, but it was clear from the beginning that it wasn’t going to work. I need to be attracted to someone physically, mentally, and emotionally. Even if it’s just to make-out.

Days 81-82: Highway of Tears

The highway of tears is a 450-mile stretch of highway in Canada where many women have gone missing and have never been found. It runs from Prince George to Prince Rupert. There are lots of billboards highlighting the dangers.

Day 80: Hipsters and Coincidences

I ran into a guy randomly, multiple times! I’ve always been a dreamer, so I would tell my friend in high school that life is like it is in movies and in books. Actually, real life is greater than any movie could be!

Days 78-79: Camping on a Ferry

I was thrilled to be sleeping on the deck of a ferry! I had views of the mountains right from my sleeping bag. It wasn’t crowded and I enjoyed all 36 hours of the trip. I even met some new friends!

Days 76-77: Hitchhikers and Border Crossings

I stopped for two hitchhikers who needed a ride into Alaska. I questioned them a lot. Giving a ride to a fellow backpacker is one thing. Bringing unknown foreigners into the US is another story.

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