Teglo Goes...

…back to Canada

Posts include days 76-100 in chronological order. Click to read each short story.


Days 78-79: Camping on a Ferry

I was thrilled to be sleeping on the deck of a ferry! I had views of the mountains right from my sleeping bag. It wasn’t crowded and I enjoyed all 36 hours of the trip. I even met some new friends!

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Day 80: Hipsters and Coincidences

I ran into a guy randomly, multiple times! I’ve always been a dreamer, so I would tell my friend in high school that life is like it is in movies and in books. Actually, real life is greater than any movie could be!

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Days 81-82: Highway of Tears

The highway of tears is a 450-mile stretch of highway in Canada where many women have gone missing and have never been found. It runs from Prince George to Prince Rupert. There are lots of billboards highlighting the dangers.

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Throughout her wild 3-week journey backpacking 220+ miles in the California Sierra Mountains, Christy encountered freezing temperatures, pelting hail storms, and losing her way, but found trail family, incredible views, and experiences that would change her life forever. Hiking up and over ten different mountain passes gave Christy a lot of time to think about why her nine-year marriage was falling apart, gave her the chance to truly embody her individualism, time to make new friends, and the strength she would need on and off the trail. Her life could never again be the same.
This is one woman’s account of the three weeks she spent on the iconic trail.

From Readers Favorite: “... a compelling non-fiction adventure story of finding strength in the face of adversity and learning how to believe in yourself.”

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