Day 36: Reconnecting with a Friend

I pulled up to Chanell’s house around 1:00 pm. Her corner house was beautifully decorated, newly remodeled, and I was impressed by how quickly she had unpacked. She had only been living in the house for about one month but it already felt like a cozy home. I was nervous and excited at the sameContinue reading “Day 36: Reconnecting with a Friend”

Day 35: History of Seattle and Getting a Kiss

It was my last day in Seattle and I wanted to learn a little more about the city so I signed up for an underground tour. Meeting in downtown Seattle, the tour began in a basement of a skyrise. It was dark and had a setup like what you’d see during Halloween. The tour hadContinue reading “Day 35: History of Seattle and Getting a Kiss”

Day 34: Hiking and Discovering Tinder

The fan attempted to cool me off as I relaxed in my Airbnb, and I researched places to stay in Vancouver, British Columbia – my next destination. Sadly, I was finding some bad places online. For example, I found two listings by the same guy for $27 a night. In one listing, you could stayContinue reading “Day 34: Hiking and Discovering Tinder”

Day 33: Airbnb and Plastic Bags in Seattle

A woman behind me in the grocery store snarked about how she was happy that I had to pay so much for a plastic reusable bag. When will people realize that you will push people away from your ideas with an attitude like hers?

Day 32: Review of Modern Romance

The book Modern Romance is excellent. It explains why dating has changed so much over time and is unlike any other time in history. After reading the book, it helped me to feel like I wasn’t alone. People all over the world are experiencing this shift in dating – the “soul mate search”.

Day 32: Train Ride to Portland

I took the train back to Portland for another nasal balloon clearing. I also missed the final call for boarding. An English man rushed up to the counter at the same time. The woman asked if we were together and the man said, “not yet.”

Day 31: Seattle Sights, Friends, Uber Rides

I went to a pop culture museum, a glass museum, and went to the top of the space needle in the day time and the night time. Seattle has a lot to see and do.

Day 30: Sightseeing in Seattle, WA

I explore the Public Market and took a boat to see the skyline. The first Starbucks was crowded and not worth the wait.

Days 28 – 29: A Date in Seattle, WA

There it was. Awkward. Trying to date while traveling is very difficult. I tried to make it clear that I was a traveler, but apparently, the message wasn’t clear enough.

Days 26-27: Friends on Whidbey Island, Washington

I went for a hike along the ocean and bay. I also met up with a friend and her family while they were on vacation from Missouri. It was just what I needed.

Day 25: Driving to Whidbey Island, Washington

The drive to Whidbey Island was scenic. I was also able to see deception pass, where the water was violent below. The bridge made me nervous though.

Days 22-24: Summary of Portland, Oregon

I visited the Grotto, and was enjoying Portland, until my car window was smashed in. I was warned about the rampant break-in’s from all of the homeless people. I just didn’t think it would happen to me.

Days 19-21: Learning About Portland, Oregon

You might think the city is named Portland because of the port activity, but it’s actually because the two founders had an intense coin toss to determine who could name the city. I learned all about the history of Portland on a bike tour.

Days 17-18: Discovering Portland, Oregon

I met with a friend who I had met while hiking the John Muir Trail two years earlier. He took me to the rose garden, which was beautiful. Then I went to a clinic to get a nasal balloon clearing.

Day 16: Arriving in Portland, Oregon

I checked into a hostel in Portland and walked around. I ate some Voodoo donuts and went to see a movie. The night scene in Portland was hipster.

Days 12-15: Backpacking in a Rainforest (Olympic National Park)

I went backpacking with two friends for four days in Olympic National Park in Washington. It’s a rainforest with incredible green life that looked Jurassic. We spent three night camping and dealt with rain for a couple days. We even saw a bear.

Days 9-11: Hood River, Oregon

I went on a beautiful hike close to Hood River, Oregon. I was also able to meet up with a former co-worker who had just retired. We watched fireworks for the 4th of July and I was thrilled to have the company.

Day 8: Friends in Bend

I met a friend of a friend for a beer and her family was great! I was also able to meet up with another friend while I was in Bend. In addition, I spent some time hiking.

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