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Day 49: Mama Bear

About 20 minutes into my hike, I was close to a large boulder when I saw a large black bear about 25 feet away me, to the left of the boulder. Panicked, I gasped, turned around, and started heading back down. Then I realized I’m not supposed to do that and I’m supposed to scare him. I turned around, hoping he wasn’t charging me.

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Day 46: Lies

Being married to a liar was a horrible feeling in my soul. I never wanted to be the person who had to check up on their partner. I never wanted to be the paranoid person that was constantly worried that my husband was being unfaithful. According to my therapist, being married to someone who lies is the same as having a cheating partner. You end up with the same emotion: feeling betrayed.

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Day 45: Spider Bites

I woke up with intense itching on my back. Then I noticed two huge, red bumps. I went to the pharmacist and they said it was an allergic reaction to spider bites.

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Day 44: Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway

Another RV pulled up with two middle-aged couples, and we all talked about driving the Alaska highway. They were surprised to see I was alone and not in an RV and asked where I was staying.

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Day 43: Welcome to British Columbia!

I started my drive to Dawson Creek to start the Alaska Highway. A man at a gas station saw my CA plates and welcomed me. A man scared me a little as he asked me for money while lingering at my car at a motel.

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Day 42: A Stranger Named Pete

I saw a memorial for Pete Tipping, who died while on vacation near the Skookumchuck Narrows. It broke my heart. Sometimes we need reminders from people like my grandma and Pete to help us get out of a cycle and to see the big picture.

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Day 40: Glamping in Madeira Park

Glamping in Madeira Park was in a beautifully structured tent that was secluded. At night, I hear noises that freaked me out. My heart started racing. Was it a person who would attack me? Was it a bear who would eat me?

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Day 39: Feeling Vulnerable on a Hike

I posted my blog about feeling depressed on day five of my travels. I felt vulnerable and embarrassed. Then I sat in awe of the scenery and reminded myself that the reason I’m blogging about my trip is because I want people to experience what I’m experiencing.

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Day 38: Bike Tour in Vancouver, BC

We first rode through the city towards Stanley Park. We learned more about the city, the totem poles that have been put up to remember the tribes once located there, statues, bridges, and the beach. I also talked with a couple at my Airbnb who traveled in a super rushed way. They represented a mentality in travel that I think is spreading – quantity over quality.

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Day 37: Airbnb and Dairy Queen in West Vancouver

I told the guys that they should be careful of the impressions they get on the news. Yes, there is crime in the U.S., and some cities are unsafe. However, most places in the U.S. are safe and you don’t need to sleep with a gun under your pillow.

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Day 37: Stuck at the Canadian Border

I was questioned at the border and then told to pull my car over and go inside the building. I was told to sit down in the waiting area while they searched my car and took my pepper spray. I started freaking out.

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