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Leaving Whistler with a Bang!

It was time for me to leave Whistler, but I needed to tell someone how I felt. I found him and handed him a letter. I was nervous, but happy that I did it.

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Snowshoeing and Snowmobiling

I did snowshoeing with a tour that took us to the top of the mountain on the gondola. Then I went snowmobiling in deep powder snow! I had been waiting more than a month for the snow!

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Friends in Whistler

I was able to make lots of friends from the beer tour, and game night at the library. My new friends and I played trivia and bingo at a bar. I was also hit on by a creep who take no for an answer.

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Whistler Film Festival

I saw several films at the Whistler Film Festival in 2018. Some were amazing and others were just ok. It was fun to be there, though. I also enjoyed my new friends at the library game-night.

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A Night to Remember

I met a guy at the bar of a nice restaurant and we ended up talking for hours, going to different bars as each one closed. He ended up coming over and we spent 16 hours together.

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Thanksgiving For One

I was in Canada, but it was American Thanksgiving. I celebrated by going to the Vodka Ice Freezer for four tastings. I also enjoyed my favorite restaurant.

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Dating in Whistler

I met a few guys from Tinder while I was staying in Whistler for six weeks. Each guy made me feel like asking for dinner was too much. I think being taken on an actual date isn’t having too high of expectations.

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Game Night and Beer Tour

If was the dead season in Whistler, so I joined the game night at the library. I also went on a beer tour, which was fun! These were great ways to meet new people and make Whistler feel like a home.

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A Week in Whistler, Canada

I saw a bear on a hike and the weather was great! I explored my favorite fancy hotel and enjoyed the highlife. I also went on a nighttime club crawl. Some lovely girls from a bachelorette party accepted me into their group.

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