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Final Days in Thailand

I spent my final days in Thailand enjoying the sunsets and driving my motorbike around. I met up with friends and reflected on my time there. I overstayed my visa by one day and got questioned at the airport.

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The Journey to Dive Certification

I did two try dives and decided that I would I continued open water 20 dive certification, but it wasn’t easy. I got personalized training and an instructor who gave me two game-changing tips.

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Dive Certification Failure

My mind wandered, Why am I doing this? I won’t be able to have my mask off that long because water will go up my nose. I won’t be able to clear my mask. If I’m panicked in the pool, I’m going to really panic in the ocean. Do I even want to dive? Am I just doing this because it’s cheaper here and it would be cool to say I did it? Maybe I don’t even like diving. I’ve never even done a ‘try dive.’ I don’t need to do this. I should just give up.

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Koh Tao Island

I rented a motorbike to drive around Koh Tao Island and it was a blast! It’s the best way to get around the island. The island was as beautiful as Hawaii, but a fraction of the cost.

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Krabi, Thailand

I took a boat from Phi Phi Island to Krabi and stayed the night. I went to the market and met some people from Poland. a woman in the pool swam right up next to me and said I have very white teeth.

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Bangkok to Phi Phi Island

I flew Air Asia from Bangkok to Phi Phi Island, which was a disaster. Don’t trust this budget airline. I was happy when I finally arrived.

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City Living

I spent a few days in the city of Bangkok. It was crowded and hot! I took advantage of the AC at the mall and took a boat on the river. I was ready to get to the islands.

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Train Ride to Bangkok

I took the train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. It was ten and a half hours and we were a couple of hours late. We often went backward to make room for an oncoming train.

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Elephants in Thailand

I went to an elephant sanctuary and had the chance to feed and bath the enormous animals. It was an amazing experience. I also met some more travelers.

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Art in Paradise

I went to the Art in Paradise in Chiang Mai by myself. I didn’t have anybody to take my picture, until a girl approached me. Even though she didn’t speak very much English, we had a blast taking silly pictures of each other. It was meant to be.

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It was the final day of a 9-day adventure tour in Thailand with REI Adventures. We spent the morning doing a cooking class. We had fun celebrating our time together, and I felt joy. It was also my 39th birthday. I was thrilled to celebrate with it in Thailand.

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Biking in Thailand

We biked through the rice fields in Thailand and stopped at a cave to explore. The cave was extremely hot and humid.

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Kayaking Fiasco

First, we biked through rice fields and then we went kayaking in northern Thailand when I noticed it was getting harder to paddle. Then we noticed that our kayak was filled with water. I knew we were going to tip.

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Thoughtful Conversations in Thailand

While hiking on a group tour, I had a few thoughtful conversations with other members. It’s important to be able to talk about these things. We hiked, climbed a sticky waterfall, and got crazy Thai massages.

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Hiking in Thailand

Our group with REI Adventures hiked through the jungles in Northern Thailand until we reached our next homestay. I slept on a balcony and enjoyed the sunrise.

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