Day 98: Thoughts Driving on Vancouver Island

It isn’t easy to decide where to go when you can go anywhere. There’s immense pressure not to make the wrong decision. I also realized that traveling long term meant that I might not be able to date. If I traveled for two years, that meant no dating for two years.

Days 88-89: Navigating Health Issues on the Road

My muscles were spasming so I drove to Washington to see a chiropractor. The next day it was worse, so I drove back to Washington to go to Urgent Care. I could barley move and didn’t sleep most of the night due to the pain.

Day 49: Mama Bear

About 20 minutes into my hike, I was close to a large boulder when I saw a large black bear about 25 feet away me, to the left of the boulder. Panicked, I gasped, turned around, and started heading back down. Then I realized I’m not supposed to do that and I’m supposed to scare him. I turned around, hoping he wasn’t charging me.

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