Days 308-309: Solo Travel, But Often Not Alone

I used to work with a guy named Daniel at an industrial supply company in Los Angeles. At one point, we were both supervisors in the office, in departments that were next to each other. I remember one day our system went down, and representatives couldn’t access any information about orders. Being one of theContinue reading “Days 308-309: Solo Travel, But Often Not Alone”

Days 306-307: Bars and Libraries

I was in Melbourne and planned to go to Adelaide for another house/cat sit in a week. Once I finished the sit, I wasn’t sure how I’d spend the next five months in Australia. Each morning, I took some time searching options but also wanted to make the most of my time in Melbourne whileContinue reading “Days 306-307: Bars and Libraries”

Days 303-305: Who Names a Swimming Pool After a Prime Minister Who Drowned?

It was Easter morning in Australia, and I was still at the house in Ballarat, where I was house/cat sitting. Carolyn and Tom woke up early and headed off to Jess’s house. I didn’t want to intrude on family time, so I hung back. I got a lot of writing done and played with theContinue reading “Days 303-305: Who Names a Swimming Pool After a Prime Minister Who Drowned?”

Days 301-302: Hiking and Learning about Australia

After two weeks of house and cat-sitting in Ballarat, Australia, the homeowner returned from her holiday. Carolyn offered me to stay for a few more days, so I could figure out how to get my prescriptions from a doctor there, and then offered me the opportunity to spend Easter with her family.  Carolyn and IContinue reading “Days 301-302: Hiking and Learning about Australia”

Days 294-300: Gentle Reminders in Life

I hadn’t spent much time exploring Ballarat because I was resting and catching up on my blog. I was starting to get restless and wanted to get out of the house. I took an Uber to Sovereign Hill, which is a replica of the old gold-rush town that started in Ballarat.  I had no ideaContinue reading “Days 294-300: Gentle Reminders in Life”

Days 287-293: House and Cat-Sitting

My house/cat-sit was about to begin in Australia. The homeowner, Carolyn, showed me how to compost food scraps in her worm farm. It was a lot easier than I thought. She also showed me the clotheslines in her backyard. I was surprised to learn that many Australians don’t have a clothes dryer. I asked CarolynContinue reading “Days 287-293: House and Cat-Sitting”

Day 286: Attack the Argument, Not the Person

Ballarat, Australia, is four hours ahead of Vietnam, so the jet lag set in, making it hard to wake up in the morning. After sleeping in a bit, I made myself a bagel for breakfast. Carolyn, the homeowner of the house I was about to watch, looked surprised. She said, “Americans really do like bagels,Continue reading “Day 286: Attack the Argument, Not the Person”

Days 284-285: My First House and Cat Sit in Australia

Singapore airport was beautiful, clean, and efficient. I stopped at 7-11 before heading towards the gate for my flight to buy some snacks, a sandwich, and a bottle of water.  Scoot Airlines doesn’t provide any complimentary drinks or snacks. At the register, the man behind the counter told me that I wouldn’t be able toContinue reading “Days 284-285: My First House and Cat Sit in Australia”

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