Why am I doing this?

It was the end of 2017 that I saw how much money the house a few down from my house sold for. It was the exact same size as my house and I was blown away by how much the housing market in southern California had gone up in the last few years. A few days later, a realtor knocked on my door asking if I wanted to sell my house because they needed inventory. I started to seriously consider selling. When I visited Norway a few months prior, I didn’t want to leave and when I returned to Los Angeles, I didn’t want to be back. I had been living in Los Angeles for almost 15 years and loved it, most of the time. This time, as I sat in the uber on the way home, I felt sad to no longer be traveling, irritated with the smog and traffic in Los Angeles. Usually I felt at least relieved to be back “home” to rest and get back in the swing of things.

When the neighbor’s house sold and a realtor knocked on my door, I felt that maybe this was my opportunity to travel. If I got enough money for my house, I could quit my job and travel for quite a while. In addition to travel, I had been thinking of making a documentary about higher education. I had an opportunity to create several videos at my corporate job in the last 2 years and it reminded me that’s why I majored in broadcasting and film, because that’s what I love to do. I was also trying to finish a book I was writing about the time I hiked the John Muir Trail solo in 2016. Quitting my job would allow me to focus on the book and the documentary.

I started working at age 16 (technically I had a paper route at age 13) and full-time at age 18. I worked full time all through college and finished in 4 years. Immediately after college, I continued to work full time. I joined Target as a team leader and after about 1-1/2 years, I was promoted to Executive Team Leader. After being at Target for 5 years, I left and joined McMaster-Carr Supply Company. In the 11 years I worked there, I was promoted twice and had many opportunities to work on high level projects. While I enjoyed the people and the opportunities, I was feeling stagnant (and exhausted) and that God was leading me to another path.

I spent the next 6 months quietly planning my departure. I did repairs on my house, getting it ready to sell. I hosted several family members so they could visit one last time while they had free housing in Los Angeles. I tried to do some things in the city that I hadn’t done before. McMaster-Carr had recently moved me to manage a new department at work and I worked really hard to make sure I still made an impact in the 6 months I was in the department. It was important for me to leave on a good note.

At the end of April, I listed my house for sale. My realtor had two open houses over the weekend and told buyers that I’d accept offers by that Wednesday. I ended up with 5 offers and I countered on 3 of the offers. After negotiations, I accepted an offer and put another in backup. However, I decided not to give my resignation until all the contingencies were removed. I had a very unusual situation selling my condo a few years before when two different buyers fell through at the last-minute.

I hadn’t told many people about my plans because I didn’t want it spreading to coworkers prematurely. So on May 24th when I put in my resignation, many people were surprised. Actually putting in my notice was extremely nerve wrecking. It made it all real. There was no going back. I gave just over 3 weeks notice so I could wrap up stuff at work. I told them my last day would be June 15th (almost exactly 11 years from when I started) and time seemed to speed up, like warp speed.

Post Edited by: Misty Kosek

7 thoughts on “Why am I doing this?

  1. When I read about you – it is exactly what I did in 2010:) I resign from my job, sold my house and everything in NZ and just pack my bag and travel the world. Little did I know I ended up in Copenhagen Denmark 5 years later and have a danish husband:) Life is a challenge and we need to enjoy it to the fullest. I wish you all the best and I look forward to read more of your post.

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